Making Good in Social Impact Investement

Today’s social impact investment market is sufficiently evolved to see the interface between commercial
institutions and the social sector become better informed and better understood:

This is an emerging market that has passed a watershed with sufficient investment track record building to
start attracting mainstream investment.

It is a growth market. The social sector that produces so much public good, and which could produce more,
is undercapitalised. An expanding new generation of social entrepreneurs is combining the values and
motivations of the social sector with business acumen and they are proving their ability to use investment
capital to increase their social impact and make their organisations more robust and sustainable at the
same time.

The social sector, to maximise its potential for creating social benefit, needs a greater choice of capital
suppliers and a broader range of funding products of different types and maturities.

The social impact investment market is primarily an intermediate capital market, where investment capital
has overlapping characteristics of equity and debt.

Social impact investment can offer investors sustainable financial return, assessable risk and the potential
for diversification.

The present Sector 3 Report is not more than a functional synthesis of the original Making Good in Social Impact Investement that does not relieve its full reading.

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